Black Silk Toppers - Larger Sizes

Larger toppers for sale. Bigger hats, sized 7⅜ and above, are not easy to find. However we usually have a stock of hats in larger sizes, all fully restored.

Please be aware that some of the silk top hat we have for sale may not be listed.
While we try to keep the list up to date we have new hats arriving all the time. Phone or email for current stock details.

Size: 7 ⅜
Price: £2100.00

This beautiful top hat has been fully refurbished by us and is now ready to complete a gentleman's Royal Enclosure habiliments. Do note that it is rare to find a vintage top hat which, even though the correct size, fits properly. Toppers are rigid and do not flex to match the shape of the wearer's head. We shape the hats we sell to the contours of your head using special equipment; this gives the best and most comfortable possible fit.


Size: 7 ⅜
Price: £2250.00

A fully restored vintage black silk top hat for sale. We have replaced the inner band, fitted a new band and bow, cleaned and polished the hat. It is now ready to complete the formal attire of a gentleman off to Ascot or the Derby. All tophats should be shaped to the contours of the wearer's head to give the most comfortable fit. We have the equipment and skills to carry out this fitting and make this service available to all our customers.


Size: 7 ⅜

Top notch topper awaiting refurbishment. The black silk on this hat is in exceptional condition and, once cleaned and polished, will shine like patent leather. If you need a hat for the Derby or Royal Ascot do have a look at this one. Keenly priced it will make an excellent investment and give years of service.


Size: 7 ⅜

Classy bell shaped black silk top hat.


Size: 7⅜

A good hat with particularly nice shape to the stove. Fully restored. "Bible-black and shines like a mirror".


Size: 7 ⅜

An elegant silk top hat. Fully refurbished and ready to go. If you buy a top hat from us we will shape it to the exact contours of your head giving the most comfortable possible fit. We need both the head and hat in the workshop for fitting.


Size: 7 ½
Price: £3000.00

No maker's name on this hat but it bears the moto, "Honi soit qui mal y pense","Shame on whomsoever would think badly of it." A fine, large, tall vintage silk top hat, elegantly shaped and in excellent condition.


Size: 7 ½
Price: £3000.00

This looks like an English made hat sold by Georg Patzke of Dessau. Crest bears the moto, “Lightness, Solidity, Elegance” which describes the hat perfectly. Fully restored and ready to go.


Size: 7 ½

A silk top hat of note. This is, at size 7 and a half, a large and rare topper. This will become a prized possession and I am sure will be seen in the Royal Enclosure at Ascot for many years to come.